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Re: Anonymity (re: the Esther Dyson issue)

[email protected] said:
> In Tim's Cyphernomicon, he says
>         - I have heard (no cites) that "going masked for the purpose
>               of going masked" is illegal in many jurisdictions. Hard to
>               believe, as many other disguises are just as effective and
>               are presumably not outlawed (wigs, mustaches, makeup,
>               etc.). I assume the law has to do with people wearning ski
>               masks and such in "inappropriate" places. Bad law, if real.
> A lot of the motivation was to stop the Ku Klux Klan terrorism.
> On the other hand, the reason it was mentioned on the list a couple
> years ago was that a woman was arrested in some North Central city,
> probably Detroit, for violating it, because she was wearing a
> Middle-Eastern-style chador outfit that covered her face.

That would be St Paul, MN. If I recall, the arrest was thrown out
(and possibly the law overturned).

I can look for references if anyone cares.

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