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Re: Anonymity (re: the Esther Dyson issue)

In Tim's Cyphernomicon, he says
        - I have heard (no cites) that "going masked for the purpose
              of going masked" is illegal in many jurisdictions. Hard to
              believe, as many other disguises are just as effective and
              are presumably not outlawed (wigs, mustaches, makeup,
              etc.). I assume the law has to do with people wearning ski
              masks and such in "inappropriate" places. Bad law, if real.

A lot of the motivation was to stop the Ku Klux Klan terrorism.
On the other hand, the reason it was mentioned on the list a couple
years ago was that a woman was arrested in some North Central city,
probably Detroit, for violating it, because she was wearing a
Middle-Eastern-style chador outfit that covered her face.

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