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Re: Voting Monarchist?

[email protected] (Dave Harman OBC) writes:

> ! > > Vote Monarchist
> ! >
> ! > who is the candidate? LaRouche?
> !
> ! Harry Brone is a fucking statist.  If he weren't, he wouldn't be running
> ! for president.  Anyone who doesn't advocate killing all kings, presidents,
> ! and prime ministers is a fucking statist and should be beaten to a pulp
> ! with a rattan stick.
> That's the problem with the Libertarians, they've got some sort of
> hang up about beatings.  Must be some childhood difficulties.

I ain't no fucking Libertarian. All Libertarians are fucking statists.

P.S. you also wrote:

]Andie, that forgery was either Dr. Fuckhead, or someone trying to pin
]the blame on the good doctor.  I'm glad {s}he posted it, it was funny
]and it also gave a hint who did the forgery of Ingrid.  Either
]someone out to get him, or the doctor himself, if so, he lives in
]New York City too!  Maybe you can meet your secret admirer!

While Rich Graves is a proven liar and forger, the article you refer
to is a perfectly good and authentic article from Rabbi Shlomo R.
I don't know who forged Ingrid - probably Rich Graves, a proven forger,
liar, and a fucking Libertarian statist.

]Now if it's someone out to get the doctor, I'd pin the blame on
]Rich Graves, because of his obssessive hatred of Ingrid, in which
]he did the post so it could be blamed on Dr. Fuckhead, who
]perhaps would hate Ingrid too, because she has written many times
]about how her family was hurt by Russians and Jews.  Dr. Fuckhead
]may be Jewish, you know, since 80% of immigrants from Russia this
]generation have been Jewish, because Jews have first priorty in
]USA immigration law.

Yes, I'm Jewish.


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