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Re: flimflamery on anonymity

>Vladimir Z. Nuri wrote:
>(last line is sarcasm for the sarcasm impaired)
>a cpunk position I have seen repeated often. it goes along a very
>simplistic line of reasoning that I have seen TCM evoke repeatedly.
>it rather annoys me. it goes like this:
>cyberspace is merely discussion between people. anonymity should
>be allowed anywhere there are discussions (its a free speech issue).
>therefore it should be possible everywhere in cyberspace.
>this idea lacks a lot of subtlety in thought and to my mind is
>tremendously simplistic.
>cpunks will also argue that anonymity can suffice for any
>business transaction. that may be so, but what about a business
>that simply says, "we choose to require identity among our
>customers, and you can go elsewhere if you disagree".

These attitudes create business opportunities for others who would seek to
serve those who prefer anonymity.

>cyberspace as a whole is *not* going to lead to a totlal motion
>away from physical identity. in some ways physical identity will
>be more strictly enforced in cyberspace, in "some regions".
>there will be other regions of cyberspace in which "anything goes".

As long as attractive, anonymous, alternatives sufficient for those (of a
'cyherpunk' mind) seeking to communicate, transact commerce, etc. exist it
won't matter to whether others choose to enforce stricter identity


>of course in the cpunk mailing list, who cares if there are
>anonymous/pseudonymous participants? [snip]... but far more is at stake
>in the "real world" and the risks posed by anonymity will be
>adequately diluted because of this. and it won't be by people
>who are all "f***ing statists"-- it will be by reasonable people
>such as those who head EFF, who are interested in a civilized

As always the market and the street will decide.

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