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Re: flimflamery on anonymity

james donald:
> > Lucky Green and Dark Unicorn are not accountable.  This is a problem?
> > Because it is a problem "We" need to do something about it, 
(last line is sarcasm for the sarcasm impaired)

At 11:39 AM 9/4/96 -0700, Vladimir Z. Nuri wrote:
> scientists demand that each other be "accountable" for their
> work, for example, and pseudonymous publication simply would
> not be acceptable.

So?  Do you think cypherpunks are planning to go around with
guns and force scientists to pay attention to pseudonymous
scientific publications?

> what about a business
> that simply says, "we choose to require identity among our
> customers, and you can go elsewhere if you disagree". the 
> extremist cypherpunks would be in a quandary over this example,
> because they think they can support anarchocapitalist 
> freedom and anonymity at the same time. they will argue that
> such a business will one day not exist. but shouldn't a business be 
> free to make this decision? rabid cpunks would probably 
> argue against such a decision.

Cypherpunks would argue, do in fact argue, that such a business 
decision will be unwise in the long run for most businesses, 
but that all businesses, like anyone else, have the right to 
make stupid decisions.
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