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Re: Letter to the Observer [re: Internet paedophile]

Jean-Francois, your comments are inspired!

As a member of "such media" in that I still publish articles on dead trees
-- I have articles in fall issues of Wired and Playboy, for instance -- I
rejoice in your reasoned suggestion that you deny me and my ilk access to 
the Net.

But wait! I connect through wired.com, eff.org, or *.edu accounts. How do 
you plan to kick me off my "ISPs?"

No, you're not out to lunch.


On Wed, 4 Sep 1996, Jean-Francois Avon wrote:
> One way to limit or retaliate against diffamation would be to refuse 
> internet access to anybody known to be part of any such medias, being 
> tv or paper.
> ISPs would probably easily agree since the revenues coming from
> journalists vs from the general population is probably minuscule. Of
> course, the conventionnal media would set up their own ISP but they
> could be identified.
> Does that makes sense or am I out to lunch?

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