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Re: What is the EFF doing exactly?

At 08:02 PM 9/3/96 -0700, James A. Donald wrote:
>At 03:17 PM 9/3/96 -0700, Jon Lebkowsky wrote:
>>>> Not necessarily. The character of the anonymous speech is decisive. If you
>>>> use anonymity to cloak harassment, for instance, the anonymity (which
>>>> removes accountability) is a problem.  The accountability issue is real and
>>>> should be addressed, not evaded.
>At 07:44 AM 9/3/96 -0700, James A. Donald wrote:
>>>No:  The harassment is the problem, not the anonymity that makes it
>At 06:52 AM 9/4/96 -0500, Jon Lebkowsky wrote:
>>The harassment is one problem, the lack of accountability another. 
>Lucky Green and Dark Unicorn are not accountable.  This is a problem?
>Because it is a problem "We" need to do something about it, 

Looks like you didn't quite finish yer msg...what is it that "We" need to do
about it?

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