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Re: Voluntary Disclosure of True Names

On Or About:  4 Sep 96 at 21:48, Timothy C. May wrote:

> In a rare moment of lucidity Vladimir Z. Dettweiler wrote:
> >I think cpunks should hold the view that communication is a matter
> >of mutual consent between sender and receiver. if a receiver says,
> >"I don't want any anonymous messages", then should be able to block them.
> But this is precisely what nearly all of us have been arguing. Namely, that
> the issue of anonymity vs. providing of True Names, is a matter of
> _contract_ between parties, not something the government is justified in
> sticking its nose into.

I always use my true name and am happy to spread it far and wide, but 
I have been doing some work for a GroupWare manufacturer.  They have 
seen that even in a corporate environment where information sharing is 
practised and embraced, sometimes people want to make a comment and 
not take the heat for making that comment.  This can provide some 
constructive input, so they have a anonymous comment feature built 
in.  So you could say that it is absolutely necessary for the web 
to have that feature as well.

> of some third party in providing ultimate traceability. I'm not wild about
> the U.S. Government being this third party

NO WAY, These guys are in my life enough already, and you can't trust 
them anyway!!!!


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