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Re: Voluntary Disclosure of True Names

At 10:49 AM 9/5/96 -0700, Vladimir Z. Nuri wrote:
> I have seen it repeated here often that somehow anonymity is some kind
> of a "right" that one should have in all kinds of different & important
> transactions, not merely on "cyberspace debate societies". I see
> here frequently the implication that *private*entities* that want to
> enforce identity in their own transactions are somehow implementing
> a corrupt, orwellian system.

We hold that private entities have the right to attempt to impose corrupt
orwellian systems provided they do not do it at gunpoint, but we doubt 
that they will succeed without guns.

> it sounded to me like that was all
> Dyson was advocating.

"Restrictions much stronger than a warrant" would imply that remailers would
have to keep logs under penalty of law.

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