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Re: Internet blamed in shoe-cam crimes, assailant free on $750 bail

On Wed, 4 Sep 1996 23:31:29 -0400 (EDT), The Deviant wrote:

>> He said the man was detected by two couples who noticed him moving his
>> foot under the skirt of a woman.  They followed the man, held him and
>> called police.
>> Police ask women who feel they've been victimized to call 808-5289.
>> George Walter Campbell, 62, of Cornwall, has been charged with sexual
>> assault and mischief.  He returns to College Park court on Sept. 10.
>> He was released on $750 cash bail yesterday.

>Hrmm.. I can see how its _wrong_, but exactly how is looking under
>somebodies skirt _assault_?

Mischief is true.  However it does get back to the eventual question:  if they
are giving off radiation, are we guilty receiving them?   For instance, if you
have your pot sensing IR camera in a plane, do you need a search warrant?   If
you walk around with a scanner listening to cell-phones is it illegal?

One can also imagine a sewer worker getting sued for looking out of one of
those cover grill things. (Perhaps up at a cover girl. Pun intended.)

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