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Re: Race Bit: C

>At 02:47 AM 9/4/96 -0700, Timothy C. May wrote:
>>At 3:02 AM 9/4/96, James A. Donald wrote:
>>>At 10:33 PM 9/3/96 -0800, jim bell wrote:


[I am unsure just *who* wrote:]

>>As the recent discussion of knives, switchblades, and throwing stars
>>showed, such ambiguous laws are often used to keep the coloreds down.

Gunlaws and druglaws have deep roots in racism, but it is politically
incorrect to say, even if I can find it in the congressional record.
[and I can.]

But then it was certainly Jim Bell who wrote:

>Perhaps the most ominous part of making "use of encryption to thwart an 
>investigation" illegal is _not_ that remailer operators might be prosecuted, 
>but that they might NOT be prosecuted in a deal where (in exchange for not 
>being prosecuted) they continue to operate the remailer, "cracked" or 
>sabotaged so that they share all the info with the cops.  While even that 
>won't make chained remailers totally useless, eventually suspicions of such 
>a crack will surface, which will help sabotage the credibility of all >remailers, not just the ones that have been "stung."  

If someone tried a scheme involving violence such as A. P. through
a remailer I was involved in, the feds would not have to threaten me
with prosecution to get me to cooperate with them. I may not keep any
logs right now, Jim, but if your little scheme gets underway I will
cooperate willingly as long as I don't compromise the privacy of non-
violent people such as drug users & sellers. For them, I would go to
jail; for you, I would even cooperate with the BATF (which should be
defunded 100%, IMO). Violence begats violence which begats even larger
government, don't start us on that road -- leave me in peace.