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Re: FWD: Another try to kill democracy

James A. Donald wrote:
> A few more details please:  What german agency is taking what action.

Oke, taken from: http://www.anwalt.de/ictf/p960901e.htm


      Internet Content Task Force (ICTF), Press Release of Sep. 03, 1996

                         RA Michael Schneider, eco e.V.

A telefax was received by us from the Public Prosecutor General on
August 30 in which eco e.V. is informed of an
on-going investigatory procedure. We have been requested in this context
to inform all Internet service providers
affiliated with ICTF (Internet Content Task Force) the following in

"Under the following addresses in Internet:


and using the link on page 


one can call up the entire edition of the pamphlet entitled „radikal Nr.
154". Parts of this pamphlet justify
preliminary suspicion of promoting a terrorist organization under §
129a, Par.3 of the German Criminal Code,
public condoning of criminal activities penalizable under § 140 no.2 of
the German Criminal Code and preliminary
suspicion of inciting to criminal activity under § 130a Par.1 of the
German Criminal Code. The Public Prosecutor
General at the Federal Court of Justice has therefore initiated a
criminal investigatory procedure against the
parties disseminating this pamphlet.

You are herewith informed that you may possibly make yourself subject to
criminal prosecution for aiding and
abetting criminal activities if you continue to allow these pages to be
called up via your access points and network

> > Please considder mirroring or linking to this site.

As of today:










> Linking is pointless if the site is cut off or access seriously threatened.
> Mirroring is appropriate only if access is seriously threatened.
> How serious is this threat?

Serious enough i think.

henk (SPG)