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Factory Memory

Factory memory update...

As you know, the new software applications are very memory hungry.  
As a direct source for memory products we can make your memory 
upgrade affordable.  These are the latest prices for popular memory 
72 pin SIMM memory boards:
                      4MB   $19.99 US
                      8MB   $39.99 US
                    16MB   $89.99 US
                    32MB   $219.00 US

Many more styles and sizes are available on our website - 
www.gruber.com, or call us at (602) 863-2655 or fax at (602) 257-4313
We also offer a tool free number at 800 658-5883 (USA only).

Thank you,
Pete Gruber
[email protected]
(602) 863-2655 Voice
(602) 257-4313 Fax