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Factory Memory

Memory prices have finally stabilized after serious price drops since 

the beginning of this year.  With Christmas demand high for 
electronic gadgets, memory supply is dwindling and higher prices are 
sure to follow.

Now is a good time to upgrade memory to satisfy those memory hungry 
software packages.  We are able to offer memory 72 pin, 70ns 
non-parity, SIMM memory boards at:

    32 mb=$221      16 mb=$89.99      8 mb=$39.99      4 mb=$19.99

MANY more styles, sizes, speeds, are available.  Check out our 
website - http://www.gruber.com for a complete list, or call us at 
658-5883 Toll free or (602) 863-2655 for more details.

Thank you

Jillene Barr
Gruber Industries Incorporated