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Re: Doing away with govt. people

At 12:13 PM 9/6/96 -0700, Dale Thorn wrote:
>Gee, if we could just prosecute "the govt." under auspices of the
>"three strikes" legislation:
>Gehlen Deal                   MK/ULTRA
>"That 'Bay of Pigs' thing"    ZR/RIFLE
>Watergate                     MH/CHAOS
>Iran/Contra                   Phoenix Program
>BCCI/BNL                      COINTELPRO
>INSLAW                        Waco, etc.

You've probably heard of the "RICO statute," or "Racketeer-Influenced and 
Corrupt Organizations" law.  It's both criminal and civil:  You're supposed 
to be able to bring a RICO lawsuit against an organization and get triple 
damages.  Maybe somebody should try it and name the federal government as 
defendant...There's certainly plenty of evidence.

>Just say "Three strikes and you're (what?)"

"Dead,"  preferably.

Jim Bell
[email protected]