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TWA 800 - Friendly Fire?

The latest rumor.

The message came to me from a man who was Safety Chairman for the
Airline Pilots Association for many years and he is considered an
expert on safety.  He would not ever spread idle rumor.  In short,
he is usually quite certain before saying anything!

The following information about TWA Fight 800 was received this
afternoon:  (08-22-96 )

TWA flight 800 was shot down by a U.S. Navy guided missile ship
which was in area W-105.  W-105 is a Warning Area off the SouthEast
coast of Long Island and is used by the military for missile firing
and other military operations.

Guided missile ships travel all over the world defending the US
and they were conducting practice firings up over the top of a Navy
P-3 radar plane who was on a Southwest heading about over the top
of TWA 800.  Evidently the missile is suppose to go over the top
of the P-3 and the accuracy of the missile is being measured by
instrumentation in the P-3.

There was a USAir flight coming from the Southeast descending
towards Providence, RI that had been cleared to 21,000 feet and
the TWA 800 aircarft was restricted to 13,000 feet.  The air traffic
controller requested the USAir flight to turn on his landing lights
with the idea that TWA might see his lights and identify him.  At
that point, he would clear the TWA flight to continue his climb.

The P-3 was a non-beacon target (transponder OFF) flying southwest
in the controlled airspace almost over TWA 800 and made NO calls
to ATC.  After the explosion, he continued his flight to the west
and then called ATC and asked if they would like him to turn around
and assist with the "accident!"

You will remember that the first announcement about this accident
came from the Pentagon.  The spokesman mentioned that they were
sending the Navy to the crash site.  They immediately sent a Navy
Captain who was replaced the next day by an Admiral.  That Admiral
is still on the scene.

The FBI has conducted at least 3,000 eyewitness interviews and the
NTSB has not been able to be a part of these interviews not have
any access to the contents of them.  Some of those eyewitnesses
reported seeing lights.  Those were probably the landing lights of
the USAir plane.

It has been a cover-up from the word go.  The NTSB is there in name
ONLY.  All announcements made by Mr. Bob Francis say absolutely
nothing and notice that the FBI is always standing beside or behind
Mr. Francis and it would appear that his job is to make sure that
nothing is said that would give away "THE BIG SECRET!"

It is time to end this farce and tell the public the real truth as
to what happened to TWA 800.

My source shall remain my own but the above information is true
and I believe it will all become known soon.  Now that all of you
know the real truth.