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Re: TWA 800 - Friendly Fire?

The one thing I have been thinking about, since the very beginning, is -- 
am I the only person who feels this might have been somewhat less than 
unintentional?  It sure would be easy to take those rights away if 
everyone is afraid for their "lives"...

Look at what has been happening in the news lately -- and look at how 
much is "unexplained" or flimsy evidencially speaking, in the very least.
If, for instance, the government wanted to cut down on civil 
liberties/civil rights, it would seem MIGHTY CONVENIENT that so much is 
"accidentally" happening so close together.

Ditto with the Olympics thing.

I vote something is QUITE fishy, and I guess I hope I'm not the only one 
paranoid enough to feel the same.

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"What we have here is a FAILURE to COMMUNICATE" (some song)