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Re: Cellular phone tracing

I could have said this -- 

A few months ago, on the subway (the 4 train, if anyone gives a flying 
fig)  in Manhattan, I noticed the whole train was literally PLASTERED 
with copy after copy of the same sign -- a picture with a bullseye on a 
guys head who was speaking over a "stolen" cell phone.  Apparently they 
like to think they can say that all of the cell companies banded together 
to fight fraud. And I quote "It is now possible to track fraudulent calls...
so we can serve you better...mutual cooperation of ..."  and so on.


There is no freedom left. You mark my words.  Look how much has been lost 
in the last year alone.

MILLIE'S PROJECTION:  By this time next year we will be in a totally 
FUTURE SHOCK "dystopia".   We're almost there.  Sign, in the subway, for 
the EMX card (a nice little credit card thing with your medical history 
on a chip) -- YOu just got in an accident. Quick, now answer 17 important 
questions about your health.

Geez, I'd rather mandate MedAlert bracelets.

This must end.

[email protected]

PS: for the record, I do not advocate diddly squat, am not a terrorist, 
and want the old things back.

On Fri, 6 Sep 1996, E. Allen Smith wrote:

> 	From comp.risks:
> Date: Mon, 2 Sep 1996 22:24:13 -0400 (EDT)
> From: [email protected]
> Subject: FedEx monitoring of cellular phonecall locations
> [...] nowhere near either of those places, so I did not bother to mention my
> current location to the operator. The next day, Saturday, I called FedEx
> with the same cell phone from Blowing Rock to arrange the pickup. The
> operator immediately asked if I wanted them to come to the intersection that
> I had placed my call from the day before.
> Two days later, a FedEx operator confirmed that they are getting "new
> systems" at some locations that are able to record the locations from which
> cellular calls are placed.
> I have now asked Cellular One three times to explain to me why they do not
> tell subscribers that they pass this location information through the
> system, but to no avail. [...]
> ========== end fwd.