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RE: Anonymous phone calls (was: What is the EFF doing exactl

Audit trails may now be in place, in which case the cost of anonymity is
increased to the cost of the lowest denomination card. Think OTP.

However, in both Britian and France I have seen defective phones that allowed LD
calls but did not deduct the call amount from the card. Obviously, the effect
was free LD and these phones were perpetually busy.

If audit trails were in place, this problem should have been noticed quickly.

As I said, things may have changed for newer systems.


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Subject:        Re: Anonymous phone calls (was: What is the EFF doing exactl

On Fri, 6 Sep 1996, jim bell wrote:

> At 10:08 AM 9/6/96 EST, [email protected] wrote:
> >There is another spin possible on the reasons for replacement of pay phones
> >credit card phones. In Canada all new credit card phones are also able to
> >phone cards (which are anonymous).
> Don't be too sure about the "anonymity" of these cards.  You don't have to 
> give your name when you buy or use them, but assuming a large number of 
> phone calls (to, from different locations) can be associated together after 
> the fact, your name can probably be fairly easily obtained.
> Jim Bell
> [email protected]

And phone companys that offers phone cards keep track of every call that 
goes thru each card number.