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Re: "The Bill of Rights can be dangerous...."

I got on four seperate airplanes with a work ID in late August.  All
you need to do is ask for the manager, and ask to see where in the
contract it says Goverment issued ID.

Air tickets come with about 300 pages of contract included by
reference.  No where in those contracts is anything about government
ID.  I was told once that it was a secret FAA regulation that I wasn't
allowed to see.  After I saw it the women got really adamant that I
couldn't see it in context, nor find out what regulation it was part
of. (I saw, but did not get to keep, about 12 lines of dot matrix
printed text on computer paper.)  The words to use to get on a plane
seem to be breach of contract, with managers.


Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM wrote:

| > "People moving around can be dangerous [avoiding parental responsibilities,
| > avoiding taxes, spying, plotting to bomb buildings]-- as can traceability,
| > especially in/by repressive regimes.  Therefore I would favor allowing
| > freedom of movement -- with some form of traceability only under terms
| > considerably stronger than what are generally required for a wiretap."

| Have you tried to get on an airplane lately? I just had to present my
| driver licence (work id w/ picture wouldn't cut it!) to get on. I
| understand John Gilmore got himself arrested for refusing to identify
| himself. As he said, there used to be a 200-year precedent that a
| citizen can travel within the country without having to identify
| himself. Shit, I used to fly under phoney names - can't do this anymore.

"It is seldom that liberty of any kind is lost all at once."