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Re: electronic offshore banking

At 07:25 PM 9/6/96 +0300, Jüri Kaljundi wrote:
>Are there any good offshore banks that would allow you to use your account
>over the Internet?
>I know European Union Bank www.eub.com is on of those available, but their
>US$ 25.000 minimum deposit is too stupid.
>Jüri Kaljundi
>AS Stallion
>[email protected]

Does Compuserve count as the Internet?  It soon will be the Internet since
they are dropping their proprietary software.  TSB (including TSB's Jersey
subsidiary) has a new net-based banking arrangement using Compuserve.  See
the TSB web site http://www.tsb.co.uk/pcbank.htm or Compuserve (GO TSB).
TSB in Jersey (or predecessor institutions) has been there since the 1820s
or so.