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Re: ... subversive leftists

Timothy C. May wrote:
> At 11:23 AM 9/5/96, Asgaard wrote:

> Leftists are despicable. They steal our money, they corrupt our politics,
> they nationalized our industries, they subvert our ideals, and they
> undermine our national will.
> The Democratic People's German Reich is fully justified in cutting off
> contacts with subversive radical publications in Jew-dominated nations like
> Holland.
> As Reichskommander Schmidt points out: "The citizen-units who access
> foreign Web sites will be rounded up and disposed of like the vermin they
> are. We cannot allow the Revisionists and Leftists to triumph. We will send
> them to the showers."
> Heil Freeh!
> --Klaus

OK, I take the above as a sarcastic one.

I took a longer view at the "to be blocked"-sites and to the
of the prosecutor. 

After all, I found the following facts: 
1.) The mentioned URLs DO contain material, which is <free translation>
"description and tolerating/praising of a terroristic act", describing
sabotage of a public railroad-line by using means of inflammables and 
reprogramming railroad-signs. They also used some
in order to simulate a possible positioned bomb.

2.) The aforementioned IS a felony according to ruling german law.

3.) It is NOT depending if these articles are Leftist's, Rightist's or
else. According to Germand Law, the Attorney General is in charge for 
ANY extremistic/terroristic contents of pamphlets, books, or any other
source of information. 

4.) As you might know, we had a very bad time dealing with 
Leftist-Terrorists some 10-20 years ago. Therefore I can understand, 
that there exists a certain "oversensibility" dealing with any form
of public terror.  

5.) The "advice", given to the german ISPs, is IMO a very poor try to
transfer ruling law to the "new medium", which is, as we all know and
still try to improve, beyond control of governmental agencies.
As soon as our stupid politicians will be aware of what the net really
is (which should take 2-4 years) they will understand also, that 
pressing ISPs to blocking sites is no way of dealing with the problem.

6.) I personally think, that every individual has the right to gain 
access to every source of information, in order to build a opinion
on their own.

7.) CUT THAT SHOWER SHIT! I can't take it anymore - all the time
through school and now I'm grown up and still have to deal with this 
shit, even by Herr May ;-).

That's what I think - come and beat me up ;-)

Cheers Moe!

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