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Re: ... subversive leftists

>"description and tolerating/praising of a terroristic act", describing
>sabotage of a public railroad-line by using means of inflammables and 
>reprogramming railroad-signs. They also used some
>in order to simulate a possible positioned bomb.

Uh? Their sabotage "tutorial" is very careful about not causing
danger to humans. Where did you see any "explosive-warning" signs?

As long as there is no English translation available, please be exact
when posting excerpts.

Publishing texts doesn't destroy any railway signals. Some people
do; and IMHO everyone must have the right to inform themselves
how stupid those people are.

BTW, people say that there are much better descriptions of the
railway system in the legal literature which of course could be
used by saboteurs as well.

ObCypherpunks: The "Radikal" staff encrypted their data with the
export version of PCSECURE which uses 32 bit keys. All files have
been decrypted by the BSI. Now they are using PGP.