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Re: Race Bit: C

On  6 Sep 96 at 10:50, jim bell wrote:

> Since red liquid running in the streets is generally so reviled, one
> of the things which mystifies me is why there aren't more
> simulation-type programs used to test out hypotheticals, for example
> a "SimEconomy."   For example, you'll occasionally hear about a
> media news organization gathering a dozen or so volunteers in a
> room, and asking them to solve a problem like "The Budget Deficit"
> or some such.   The result of their interplay is generally used to
> explain why these problems are hard to solve.

Why do you suppose that solving the problem they created is their 
goal?  On a more fundamental level, why do you assume the their goal 
is to improve life at all?  Ask yourself if this is what they truly 

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