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[NOISE] Propaganda Bit: C

At 10:50 AM 9/6/96 -0800, Jim Bell wrote:
>Since red liquid running in the streets is generally so reviled, one of the 
>things which mystifies me is why there aren't more simulation-type programs 
>used to test out hypotheticals, for example a "SimEconomy."   For example, 

As someone else pointed out recently, this depends _so_ strongly on
the assumptions built into your model, both explicit and implicit.
SimHealth, for instance, was a propaganda piece put out for the last election
so people could play with different approaches to managing other peoples'
health care.  If Duncan were to write something like that, anybody who
tinkered with the economy would make it go downhill. If Ross Perot wrote it,
anybody who started making the deficit larger would find his picture at the
bottom of the screen having the ears grow larger.  I assume that if
Jim wrote it, anybody who did anything to the economy other than
decrease government involvement would find a bunch of nasty little dwarves
throwing stone knives at them....

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