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   9-8-96. NYP Mag: 
   "The True Terror Is In the Card." 
      Faced with rising crime, illegal immigration, welfare 
      fraud and absentee parents, many bureaucrats and members 
      of Congress insist that the nation would run more 
      smoothly if we all had counterfeit-proof plastic 
      identity cards. 
      Let's be clear that this is a one-way street. Once 
      having established a requirement to carry photo ID, it 
      will be difficult if not impossible to reverse. 
      Don't we realize the dangers of allowing the Government 
      to establish identity and legitimacy? Isn't it, in fact, 
      the responsibility of the citizenry to establish the 
      legitimacy of the Government? 
   http://jya.com/idcard.txt  (11 kb)