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Gosh, I'm not a German citizen, and don't even have a nickel's worth of 
german blood in my body, but who will be the first to add some real 
pretty pixtures and some snazzy ol' text adages to THEIR governments' web 

Life needs more risk.  If we ever EVER hope to establish any sort of 
DISestablishment, it only starts with us.  Well, you.  As I said, I'm not 
German (and quid pro quo, and stuff like that).

[email protected]

PS: Why not mirror it on their own sites? ;)

On Sat, 7 Sep 1996, Gary Howland wrote:

> Timothy C. May wrote:
> > * as Germany is bent on blocking sites which carry this subversive
> > pamphlet, "Radikal," let us mirror it on thousands of sites around the
> > world.
> Agreed - put them in a dilemna by getting mirrors on machines obviously
> important and useful to the Germans.
> > * when the Germans went into Danmark and insisted Jews wear badges,
> > ordinary citizens (and the Danish Royal Family, as I recall) also took to
> > wearing these Star of David badges.
> Bad example.  Jews living in Denmark were not required to wear yellow
> stars.  The story about the Danish royal family wearing the stars is an
> urban legend, spread by the British to make the Danish King appear to be
> less of a coward after he fled to England.
> Gary
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