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USF_avv MS's Martha Stewart

For MSerfs and groupies: 
A NYC local rag has a salacious article, "Microsoft's own Martha Stewart,"
on Michael Goff, the newly appointed editor of Cityscape, MS's upcoming
urban-slurp-fuck-and-vomit vanity. 
The key to why Bill Gates hired Mr. Goff may lie in the fact that Mr. Goff
is a marketing maniac, a self-confessed "media whore." 
"He became more of an egotistical asshole overnight than anyone I'd ever
seen when the magazine [Out] came out," said one prominent gay journalist
and acquaintance. 
Mr. Goff is indeed a family man, of sorts: He confirmed that he is
considering donating his services to two lesbian friends who want to raise
their own child. 
He bristled at being pigeonholed for being gay, rather than being
recognized for his creativity. "It has nothing to do with me being gay or
not," he said. "I've always been focused on doing mass consumer media."
Besides, he added, "They're not paying me like that. I don't have a jet or