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   9-7-96. FiTi: 
   "Indian herb trick turns water into kerosene." 
      A young, unemployed south Indian has flummoxed India's 
      top government scientists by demonstrating an apparently 
      simple recipe for producing a kerosene-like fuel by 
      boiling a "mystery" herb in water: prospectively, he 
      hopes, revolutionising the world energy industry. 
      "We have no doubt we are sitting on something very big," 
      said Mr Valangiman Ramamurthi, India's top science 
      bureaucrat. Watching scientists professed little idea 
      how or why the process worked, but said it conclusively 
      produced "a clear oil separation in substantial 
      quantities" which tests have identified as a hydrocarbon 
      similar to kerosene. "Its properties make it better than 
      petrol," said one. "Apparently the herb can grow widely 
      in all types of soil -- it is very exciting." 
   9-7-96. WaPo: 
   "More in the Pipeline." 
      In the 1970s fear gripped the Western world that Earth 
      was running out of oil. Since then, vast new reserves 
      have been discovered that can be extracted with current 
      technology. The known crude oil reserve now amounts to 
      one trillion barrels -- enough for 45 to 50 years at 
      current world production rates, and estimated reserves 
      are at least one trillion barrels more. 
   http://jya.com/aspoil.txt  (6 kb for 2)