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Re: The Esther Dyson Flap

FWIW, I'm still collecting some thoughts, because this is a complex topic
(as you all know), and I'm tired of having my views misinterpreted and
misattributed.  So I want to state them clearly and carefully.  This is
simply a reaction to one item. 

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Please note the quote marks carefully.  I said [something like] the first
paragraph, but the rest is the "reporter" from Scientology, plus a paraphrase.

>>By the way, the Scientologists have also noted her views:
>>"Esther Dyson, member of the board of directors of the Electronic Frontier
>>Foundation and member of the National Information Infrastructure Advisory
>>Council, spoke on the anonymity issue at the fifth Computers, Freedom &
>>Privacy (CFP) conference in San Francisco. "I have a concern about the
>>spread of bad behavior on the Net," said Dyson. "Anonymity figures into
>>this, and I feel that it has proven to not be a positive factor. It breaks
>>the community which we are seeking to build, and could turn the 'big
>>cities' of the information infrastructure into a big cesspool."
>>"Remailers who facilitate anonymous postings are part of the problem. They
>>can act as conduits for those who seek anonymity as a way to act illegally
>>without getting caught; yet remailers are able to shield themselves from
>>responsibility or liability.
>>"Computer experts stress that anonymous users should at least be trackable
>>by the remailers -- and that ones who act unlawfully can easily put the
>>remailers at risk. Dyson noted that in self-regulatory schemes for almost
>>any part of the Internet, "visibility, not anonymity, would have a strong
>>(end quote, from "Freedom," at http://www.theta.com/goodman/hijack.htm)

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