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Kiddie porn on the Internet

"News" stories are now circulating on radio about child pornography on 
the Internet, and how an organization called "Save The Children" is 
working very hard to identify the trafficers and their accomplii.

Save The Children is complaining that they can't find all of the dirty 
dealers of kid-porn, since much of the traffic is encrypted!

So who is Save The Children? First, since they're an international 
organization raising funds in the U.S., they obviously operate at the 
pleasure of the State Department. Ho hum. Remember the incidents at the 
Denny's restaurant chain where Denny's was sued for discrimination 
against minorities? Did it seem a little bizarre for the 1990's?

At the close of the litigation, Denny's suddenly sprouted tons of free 
fund-raising advertising for Save The Children, including placemats at 
each table with beautiful logo and address and phone number. Just send 
the money, etc. My questions to interested persons included whether 
someone may have approached Denny's for such cooperation BEFORE the 
discrimination suits, and whether Denny's may have refused at first.

Well, don't jump to conclusions, and this is *NOT* a veiled accusation.
I merely suggest that interested parties extend their inquiries into the 
various Internet-Monitors to include Save The Children. And by the way, 
I wonder what World Vision and National Medical Enterprises are up to 
these days?