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Re: Kiddie porn on the Internet

	I believe that you have a valid p.o.v on this subject on that:
1.  The Save Our Children, kill the kiddie porn, will have trouble being
enforced due to the large amounts of encryption and safe IRC fserves. If they
really wanted to enforce the Kill The Porn, then they should target the adults
by child pyschologist visits with the children during school hours.

2. The suspicion of the private organization "extortion" has valid backing in
that several coincidences have occured such as the one with Dennys. If a person
would research the matter further they would come upon several cases. 

*** The recievers of the porn should not be punished for the photographers
action, the same as if I would complain that someone burglarized my home becuase
i left the door open. It was their ignorance that caused their loss. 

Blak Dayz of the DAS