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Re: [NOISE] Far-reaching tentacles . . . ?

At 11:38 PM 9/8/96, Alan Bostick wrote:
>Found in the news:
>        (SACRAMENTO)- The principals of six Sacramento area schools have
>received 46 used computers that were renovated by inmates at Folsom
>Prison. Warden Theo White delivered the machines after they were given a
>reprieve from the scrap heap. The prison obtained the donated personal
>computers from the non-profit Detwiler Foundation... which began working
>five years ago to bring new technology into the state's classrooms.
>[Would you want *YOUR* CHILDREN to use computers that had been HACKED

Who cares about the convicted criminals? It's the connection to the
Detwiler Foundation that would worry me.

(Now that's what you call an S. Boxx!)