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Re: [NOISE] Far-reaching tentacles . . . ?

       Who cares! Computers are computers. I wish someone would send me
one,reconditioned or not. I am back on a dumb terminal because my 8088's
hd gave up the ghost and deceided to leave it at the shop while I

On Sun, 8 Sep 1996, Timothy C. May wrote:

> At 11:38 PM 9/8/96, Alan Bostick wrote:
> >Found in the news:
> >
> >
> >        (SACRAMENTO)- The principals of six Sacramento area schools have
> >received 46 used computers that were renovated by inmates at Folsom
> >Prison. Warden Theo White delivered the machines after they were given a
> >reprieve from the scrap heap. The prison obtained the donated personal
> >computers from the non-profit Detwiler Foundation... which began working
>                                ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> >five years ago to bring new technology into the state's classrooms.
> >
> >[Would you want *YOUR* CHILDREN to use computers that had been HACKED
> Who cares about the convicted criminals? It's the connection to the
> Detwiler Foundation that would worry me.
> (Now that's what you call an S. Boxx!)
> --Medusa