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U.S. as a Terrorist State

At 6:29 PM 9/9/96, Duncan Frissell wrote:

>And I support a terrorist organization (the US Government) every year
>whether I want to or not.  The US was convicted of a major violation of
>international law (akin to terrorism) in the International Court of Justice
>back in the '80s for air sowing mines in Nicaragua's main harbor.

This is a lie, a lie by the subversive left.

As is well-known, the recent unpleasantness surrounding the Sandanista
State was a police action in which Air America was protecting its
agricultural subsidies to certain freedom-loving, non-leftist nations.
Principally Bolivia, Columbia, and Peru.

As noted foodstuff vendor, the Culinary Institute of America, was the prime
importer of these agricultural products, the CIA was of course involved in
this police action to protect the flow of their goods. The mining of a
harbor of a state with which we are not at war, and which has a government
elected by a democratic process, is justified if the Commander in Chief
believes it is.

When the U.S. funds freedom fighters in Iran and Iraq, this is different of
course from when Libya funds terrorists. (It is different because our
Commander in Chief tells us it is.)

That the World Court would find the United States guilty of terrorist
actions (and cases are pending involving the U.S.-funded bombing of Cuban
planes, the use of bomblets in toys dropped in other police action cases,
and the funding of the Brigate Rose by Gehlen operatives...) shows the
World Court is becoming dangerously independent. I suggest the U.S. cut off
funding until it learns to heel.

--Tim May

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