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Re: SPL -- Suspicious Persons List

On Sat, 14 Sep 96 17:36:49 EDT, Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM wrote:

>> unjust if the company was bought out and the new owner decided to sack
>> all black people and people called "Perry". You were the one who brought
>> up the issue of fairness.

>The owner should be able to do that without interference from any gubment.

Yes.  If they manage to survive economically while snubbing a productive chunk
of the general population in addition to a loon, good for them.  If their
product still sells, inspite of negative publicity it's probably the market
leader.  OTOH, I think there should be some basic safeguards against the
formation of 'company towns' or similar constructs.  A free market is rarely a

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