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Re: Conservation Laws, Money, Engines, and Ontology (fwd)

> Donald Eastlake writes:
> >  I don't think any one step will solve all our spam problems
> >  but I wouldn't mind spending, say, 5 cents for each real piece
> >  of mail I sent outside my company and if end machines charged
> >  5 cents per piece of ouside mail received, I think spamming
> >  would be crippled.  (Note that with bad guy lists, you could
> >  collect the money and then just throw away the mail.)
> So would you be willing to pay $50.00 for this message you sent to  
> cypherpunks?  If there are a thousand recipients and each one charges $0.05  
> for the priveledge of you sending it e-mail....  It seems like such a scheme 
> would not only cripple spam, but public discussion lists like this one.

	A better solution might be pay $whatever to be allowed to post
to the list.  Nothing is charged for receiving mail from the list, but you
have to ante up to join in the discussion.  If someone spams (spam being
defined up front and communicated to all list members) then their posting
priv's are revoked.  Then you can charge for receipt of mail normally
yet still have (relatively) open lists for discussion.

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