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CATO terrorism conference -- tomorrow @ 8:30 am, free

More info on tomorrow's terrorism conference at CATO is at:


This is especially timely given the report that the Aviation Safety and
Security Commission (chaired by Gore) sent to Clinton with 20
recommendations. One is to enact "automated passenger profiling" of all
domestic travellers, which would include airline access to FBI/CIA
databases. This $10 million project bans anonymous air travel and, needless
to say, raises significant privacy questions.


>Date: Mon, 9 Sep 1996 12:23:13 -0400
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>To: [email protected] (Declan McCullagh)
>From: Solveig Bernstein <[email protected]>
>Subject: Terrorism Conference
>Cato's Conference, *Combatting Terrorism, Preserving Freedom," scheduled for
>Tuesday, September 10, 1996 is now
>That's right, the registration fee of $50 has been WAIVED!!!
>Come listen to Nadine Strossen, Dorothy Denning, David Kopel, and many
>others discuss terrorism, foreign policy, civil liberties, and the
>telecommunications infrastructure.
>Please redistribute freely.
>Conference begins at 8:30 at 1000 Mass. Ave.
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