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Guns Don't Kill People, IP Does

> One thought : How many of you would support terrorist
> web server (say Oklahoma, TWA, Iran, Lybia, RAF, IRA, ...) ?
> -stephan 

Consdering how none of the above incidents are connected in any way 
to the internet, what do you mean?  And what if there were bomb making 
instructions on the internet and people are killed on account of it,
so what?

Mix roughly equal amounts of potassiam chlorate and red phosphorous 
together while thoroughly wet.  When the mixture dries it becomes a 
fulminating highly explosive mixture that doesn't even contain a 
nitrogen molecule, so seventy pounds of the explosive can be 
brought onto an airplane by passing through the nitrogen bomb 
sniffers in luggage.

You are now a potential terrorist Stephan Schmidt.  If the 
anti-extremists had their way, you will be a top candidate for 
arrest for being a dangerous German, we all know that now, we can 
honestly testify in German court you openly subscribed to an 
internet high tech e-mailing list where terrorist secrets were 
being traded.

How do you feel about being a terrorist, Mr. Schmidt?