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Re: Guns Don't Kill People, IP Does

> > One thought : How many of you would support terrorist
> > web server (say Oklahoma, TWA, Iran, Lybia, RAF, IRA, ...) ?
> > 
> > -stephan 
> Consdering how none of the above incidents are connected in any way 
> to the internet, what do you mean?  And what if there were bomb making 

Sorry for my bad English, perhaps I got misunderstood.
Would you run a WWW site where the (say there where some)
terrorist who shot down (a wild assumtion too) the TWA plane
claiming it was right and all people should fight 'evil
America'. Because of your web site there are other bomb
attacks in the US (or somewhere else, the country is not that 
important) (although it's of course impossible to proove that
this bombings are 'inspired' by your web site).
Would you support the freedom of speech in this way ?

And to those who misunderstood my posting:
a. I support the freedom of speech.
b. I'm not shure I can support freedom of speech
in ALL circumstances.
c. I wanted to know what other people in this mailing
list thought. Would they support freedom of speech
for everyone ? Under all circumstances ?
(I hope you got my point of view now)
d. I think (hope) I'm a cypherpunk.
e. Don't mistake my opinion with the opinion of
the German Government, which I tried to
make clear (I would be the last
to support the German Government.)