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Re: Guns Don't Kill People, IP Does

On Tue, 10 Sep 1996, Stephan Schmidt wrote:

> > > One thought : How many of you would support terrorist
> > > web server (say Oklahoma, TWA, Iran, Lybia, RAF, IRA, ...) ?
> > > -stephan 
> > Consdering how none of the above incidents are connected in any way 
> > to the internet, what do you mean?  And what if there were bomb making 
> Sorry for my bad English, perhaps I got misunderstood.
> Would you run a WWW site where the (say there where some)
> terrorist who shot down (a wild assumtion too) the TWA plane
> claiming it was right and all people should fight 'evil
> America'. Because of your web site there are other bomb
> attacks in the US (or somewhere else, the country is not that 
> important) (although it's of course impossible to proove that
> this bombings are 'inspired' by your web site).
> Would you support the freedom of speech in this way ?

     If they paid me to host the site, yes. If I agreed with their reasons
or goals, I might even give them a discount. 

Petro, Christopher C.
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