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Re: Hacking Mobil Telephone System ?

On Wed, 11 Sep 1996 18:56:10 -0400 (EDT), Mark O. Aldrich wrote:

>After having traveled in Europe, I was certainly familiar with the
>difference in the notation.  You also think, however, that I would have
>paid more attention to what the hell I was reading before I shot off my
>mouth (via my keyboard), but I didn't.  I think this is called a "brain
>fart" (note to our European brothers and sisters - over there, I think you
>call it a "mental fugue" or "Parliamentary election," I'm nor sure which).

I've always wondered if the makers of mailer software couldn't include a delay
option, so that, say, a message might be held for 10 minutes and then sent. 
Imagine how many of the "Sorry about x; I meant y" posts we'd never see.

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