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Re: [WAS xs4all.nl] Terrorists

At 6:16 PM 9/9/96, snow wrote:

>     Then again, the only reason I am not a terrorist is that the government
>hasn't YET defined hate speach directed against the government to be

Don't be so hasty in saying this.

A couple of months ago Clinton signed some sort of bill having to do with
terrorism, terrorist organizations, funding of same, and deportation of
alien-units suspected of being allied with terrorist organizations. (I seem
to recall another such act being passed in early 1995, so there may be more
than one of these things...)

Given the mounting hysteria about terrorism (by the government, at least),
and given the various laws on the books, I would not be surprised to see
some Web sites prosecuted as "harboring" terrorists terrorist-symps.

If any of you are not citizens of the U.S., and are here on visas, I would
give this some real serious thought. Of course, maybe deportation is a
blessing in disguise.

--Tim May

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