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Re: Yahoo!'s Picks of the Week (September 9, 1996)

At 1:08 AM 9/10/96, William Knowles wrote:
>Did anyone else catch this one?
>> Welcome to this week's selection of Picks, declassified and hot off
>> the press thanks to the Freedom of Information Act. Well, okay, not
>> really.  But we like to pretend. On the other hand, if you would like
>> to peruse what once was private but now is public (in a federal
>> government sense of the word), head on over to The National Security
>> Archive. An independent, non-governmental research institute and
>> library, the NSArchive is where you'll find declassified
>> U.S. documents that shed light on anything from the Nixon-Presley
>> Meeting (Elvis wanted to be a Federal Agent at Large!)  to the Cuban
>> Missile Crisis and a handful of White House e-mail in-between.
>>       http://www.seas.gwu.edu/nsarchive/

The National Security Archive has been around for many years, and has no
connection (insofar as I know or suspect) with the NSA. They have regularly
supplied talking heads to various talk shows, especially six years ago
during the Gulf War.

(In fact, they have a leftist bias.)


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