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Re: TWA 800 - Serious thread.

Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM wrote:
> "Douglas B. Renner" <[email protected]> writes:
> with the investigation. Remember the World Trade Center investigation?
> They knew immediately what type of vehicle the blast was in - but they
> deliberately gave false information to the media.  They said they were
> looking into a blue stationwagon or some such BS, and the culprits 
> believed it!  Federal agents staked out the rental agency where the 
> _van_ was rented from and caught one of the buggers, who thought the 
> investigation was way off track.  Yes!!!

> I recall that the perp rented the vehicle and gave a $400 cash
> deposit.
> He subsequently returned to the rental agency, stated that the vehicle
> was stolen, and demanded his cash back. And the Oklahoma City perp was
> caught speeding with no licence plates.

> Shit. Whoever recruits those terrorists needs a better h.r. department 
> to screen for stupidity. :-)
> thread is relevant.  Fortunately this forum reaches some of the most
> intelligent and well-informed minds on the net.

> Why, thank you!
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Per the tendency of federal agencies to let it be publicly known that 
they lie openly to trap suspects (and apparently this technique has been 
OK'd for local enforcement as well):

This is going to backfire on them (and us), and probably has already.
If govt. protects its "sources and methods", however nefarious, to the 
extent that the public is never asked to assent to these methods (even 
though a few of us know about them anyway), then the public doesn't have 
to become overtly cynical about what's going on.

On the other hand, whether you think the people have this much right to 
know or not, when the public consciousness embraces the concept that the 
police openly and regularly lie (and that it's a "good thing" they do), 
the result will be greater public cynicism, distrust, paranoia, hatred, 
and anarchy (the bad kind).