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Re: TWA 800 - Serious thread.

"Douglas B. Renner" <[email protected]> writes:
> with the investigation.  Remember the World Trade Center investigation?
> They knew immediately what type of vehicle the blast was in - but they
> deliberately gave false information to the media.  They said they were
> looking into a blue stationwagon or some such BS, and the culprits believed
> it!  Federal agents staked out the rental agency where the _van_ was rented
> from and caught one of the buggers, who thought the investigation was way
> off track.  Yes!!!

I recall that the perp rented the vehicle and gave a $400 cash deposit.
He subsequently returned to the rental agency, stated that the vehicle
was stolen, and demanded his cash back. And the Oklahoma City perp was
caught speeding with no licence plates.

Shit. Whoever recruits those terrorists needs a better h.r. department to
screen for stupidity. :-)

> thread is relevant.  Fortunately this forum reaches some of the most
> intelligent and well-informed minds on the net.

Why, thank you!


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