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TWA 800 - Serious thread.

Okay, I'm not paranoid, but I *do* see that something's fishy.

How come the whitehouse Chief of Staff announces just a few days 
after the explosion that an explosive chemical residue was found, and
then -- the whitehouse distances itself from his report?!?!

Supposedly now, we're hearing that the early tests were ruled 
"inconclusive".  Hmmmm.  I'm curious what criteria determines whether or 
not a test can be considered "conclusive".  Might political volatility 
have something to do with it?

The US has our best men working on this - they are professionals.  Of 
course if an early test came up positive, they would devote all 
necessary resources at the highest priority to investigate that
angle completely, and immediately clear up any doubts about the validity 
of the test in question.  For this reason, I can't swallow that "they 
didn't know" about the chemical residue until recently.  Especially with 
the Chief of Staff's early remarks.

We've been told since day one that this investigation were being handled 
"as if it were a crime."  In my mind, I've been hoping that this might 
shed some positive light on the contradictory signals we're being fed.  
Although it's pretty clear they're definitely withholding information, it 
just _might_ be that this is being done in a fashion intended to help 
with the investigation.  Remember the World Trade Center investigation?
They knew immediately what type of vehicle the blast was in - but they 
deliberately gave false information to the media.  They said they were 
looking into a blue stationwagon or some such BS, and the culprits believed 
it!  Federal agents staked out the rental agency where the _van_ was rented
from and caught one of the buggers, who thought the investigation was way 
off track.  Yes!!!

In other words, I'm willing to wait patiently for the truth to come out, 
if the professionals in charge deem it advantageous for the course of the 

Of course the NTSB is behaving like a puppet.  I'm sure the Navy & FBI can 
do a much better job at the investigation than the NTSB could ever hope 
to do.  This is as it should be.

But if we find out *AFTER* the presidential election that it was friendly 
fire which downed TWA 800, then...  words fail me regarding such a scenario.

(FYI One witness described hearing "a sonic boom" (which is consistent with 
the supersonic flight of a missile.)  It is significant that he described 
it as a sonic boom.  He described first hearing it, then looking up to 
witness the explosion.  He was interrogated at length about this detail, 
since as with lightning, the sound should have followed the explosion by 
several seconds.  Unless of course, it was a true sonic boom caused by a 
missile on its way up to the plane.  Recall the other reports of "streaks of 
light" leading up to and hitting the plane.  Hmm!!!)

ObCrypto: Learning the truth about the government's use of the media, 
especially regarding when & how we are manipulated, can tell us _much_ 
about the relevancy of crypto in our daily lives.  In particular, 
learning the truth is a skill we cannot allow to atrophy if this is the 
same political entity which seeks to implement key escrow.  I say, the 
thread is relevant.  Fortunately this forum reaches some of the most
intelligent and well-informed minds on the net.