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Re: Conjuring up the latest utopia for a minoritarian sect of illuminati

At 12:41 PM 9/10/96, Enzo Michelangeli wrote:

>> As to what I presume is an insult to the folks on this list ("I'm
>> personally not interested in conjuring up the latest utopia for a
>> minoritarian sect of illuminati"), you know where the exit is.
>Triple cheers for free speech. Calling for expulsion of those who don't
>share your opinion seems to me the clearest sign of will to remain an
>enlightened minority. Then, why do you take it as an insult?

I didn't call for your "expulsion." No one has been expelled in four years
of the list's existence.

However, when people complain about not being interested in the list
topics, and refers to some of the main list topics as "conjuring up the
latest utopia for a
minoritarian sect of illuminati," then, yes, I would say this is insulting,
or, at least, dismissive.

As with a restaurant, if people complain loudly about the food, they ought
to leave and not come back. This is not the restaurant expelling them, this
is just them acting on their opinions.

--Tim May, Member of the Minoritarian Illuminati

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