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Re: Conjuring up the latest utopia for a minoritarian sect of illuminati

On Mon, 9 Sep 1996, Timothy C. May wrote:

> At 10:04 AM 9/9/96, Enzo Michelangeli wrote:
> >I and you may well choose to do so, but the vast majority of the human
> >beings believe just anything that is repeated loud and long enough.
> >Otherwise, nobody would hire PR and pay for advertisement, politicians
> >wouln't be fedwith taxpayer's money, Bosnians would trade goods instead
> >of gunshots, etc. I'm personally not interested in conjuring up the latest
> >utopia for a minoritarian sect of illuminati: I need to live in the real
> >world, and push for viable solutions that change it for better, now.
> Yes, Bosnians and Serbs would not be killing each other if only they could
> receive government-approved information!

In fact, their governments were the chief repeaters of things loud and
long enough, and were believed.

> (Hint: This shows that neither governments nor churches nor the United
> Nations knows any better solutions to the "who do you trust" problem. And,
> I believe, mostly governments and other such entities exist to serve their
> own interests.)

Can you please quote a sentence of mine where I have denied that?

> As to what I presume is an insult to the folks on this list ("I'm
> personally not interested in conjuring up the latest utopia for a
> minoritarian sect of illuminati"), you know where the exit is.

Triple cheers for free speech. Calling for expulsion of those who don't
share your opinion seems to me the clearest sign of will to remain an
enlightened minority. Then, why do you take it as an insult?