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Re: TWA 800 - hit by an unarmed US missile?

At 6:05 PM -0500 on 9/9/96, Vince Cate wrote:

> > [email protected] (Vincent Cate):
> > > If the Navy was firing missiles in this area, it really does seem
>like the
> > > press should be checking out this angle.
> >
> >    What makes you think they aren't?
> Not saying they aren't; however, I don't recall seeing CNN or any of the
> networks saying if the Navy really was firing missiles or not.  Have they?
> Never seen anyone ask questions about US firing missiles (have seen them
> ask if it was a missile or a bomb). I don't get any US newspapers here in
> Anguilla, so my impression of the US press is really just from TV.
> Is the press on top of this?

	Some good friends (Satanic Mainstream Reporters) who are working on
the case have certainly _said_ they were looking into it; of course, maybe
[your favorite conspiracy here] bought them out/blackmailed them/planted a
microchip in their bum/Stepfordized them/[your favorite subversion method
here]. Given (a) the intense competition among reporters and (b) the
near-impossibility of keeping secret something known by 1/2/3+ people, I
somehow kind of doubt the plane was shot down by a US ship--as one friend
put it, they'd have to sink the entire ship to keep it a secret, but it'd
be hard to keep it a secret why they sunk the ship, etc., etc. And,
frankly, I doubt the FBI/NTSB/et al. really know what happened. Though I
doubt they'd keep on mentioning the missile theory without _very_ good
reason to believe it's likely.